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What our clients say
Don't Take Our Word For It
What some recent clients say about their experience with Jennifer West-Granahan

We might be biased. Take it from our clients.

Jennifer is a great mentor; she takes her time to teach you and wants her students to succeed. I love that she also helps you with your mindset because, in order to succeed in this business, you must have the right mindset.

There are no other mentors out there that care about you having the right mindset.

You can tell that this is her passion, and she loves what she does. She is awesome, and l highly recommend her. Thanks, Jennifer; keep on doing what you are doing, and God will continue to bless you abundantly.

Patience Konney

I started out at the beginning of this year with wholesaling running around like a chicken with my head cut off! I found Jennifer on YouTube and instantly made her my "online teacher" for #1 because she's a women in this business! #2 She seemed really down to earth through her videos and I was trying to make sense of some of the things I was still missing. When I found out she offered mentoring with no hesitation I made the move to become a student. I was right she was really down to earth and funny! I learned way more than expected in 4 weeks, she kept me on track week by week and motivated! It was really a honor to have her as a coach, so much so that I'm coming back for the 6 month program!

Thank you again Jen for being so transparent and real !💎 I will be in touch very soon!

Positive mindset coaching, NYC.
Kaprice Kreations

Jennifer was an exceptional teacher, not only was she professional but she was personable. I felt really comfortable talking with her every week and I enjoyed our conversations. She helped elevate our business and our personal outlook. The four weeks went by so fast, I wish we had more time!

Positive mindset coaching in NYC.
Tenisha Clark

Jennifer offers a unique combination of positive thinking and REI strategy. She has so much knowledge and creates a well-thought-out plan for you to follow. Jennifer focuses on ACTION and gives you great resources that are probably worth more than what the coaching fee is!

I looked forward to our calls every week – both for the laughter and the wisdom shared. I enjoyed coaching so much that I’m going to book follow-up consultations with her. I'm so glad that I invested in coaching with Jennifer!

LaDonna Mason

Working with Jennifer has been an amazing experience, she was very professional and provided a wealth of knowledge not only on the subject of wholesaling but also getting your mind right. She's the one to go with, she's sharing life lessons.

Jeniffer Solomon

Jennifer is an amazing mentor! She is full of knowledge and suits the program to each student. I am a full time student and she was a able to work with my schedule. Beyond the great knowledge she provides, she is extremely encouraging! Jennifer sensed when I was having hard weeks and she gave me words of encouragement and resources to endure. I am forever grateful!

TaJae Lloyd

A mentor that wants to see her students succeed and continues to add value , and hold them accountable. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher to learn multiple strategies from starting out into the Real Estate business and giving so much positive energy to develop your mind as an entrepreneur. I thank her so much and recommend her to anyone interested in learning Real estate and building a strong entrepreneur mindset.

Kareim Green

At a time when so much information is at your fingertips that you can figure things out on your own, I still found myself stuck. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t move forward even though I felt like I knew what I had to do. Jennifer’s approach to mentoring was exactly what I needed. I came to find that it’s not just about the logistics. You need to have the right mindset to tackle all of the challenges because growth in this field is not quite linear. It was refreshing to find a female to guide and inspire me in this male dominated industry. If you’re looking to build your confidence and empower yourself as a wholesaler, Jennifer provides you with the right tools. I’m so happy to have worked with her.

Teresa Marte

I don’t know where to start but will keep it simple! I found Jennifer on YouTube because her videos were so motivating and so I contacted her! This woman made my whole month! She will build you and inspire you in a matter of few minutes! As I was talking to her and listening to her, my whole perspective changed about this business and I was even more motivated! Jennifer is not only coaching you and giving you the basics and knowledge to succeed but also giving you the tools to set your mind right! And trust me, that’s everything!!!! Jennifer, thank you- I said it over and over and will continue to say it!

Ekua Johnson

Jennifer is an awesome mentor and she has too help me in many ways. I recommend her if anyone is seeking help in wholesaling Real Estate. She provided me with lots of information on Mind Set about " what you focus on grows" Jennifer gave me all tools I needed to know and learn about wholesaling and staying Positive. She was adamant about being consistent. YES! I also plan on continuing my mentoring with Jennifer. You will not regret it.

Sonja Malloy

Jennifer has helped me in so many ways she is now part of a puzzle in my life. I contacted her at my lowest but fed up point and she provided me with the blueprint to success. She reminds me of a football coach because she doesn’t want to hear excuses, all she wants to hear is action because she will “homie the clown you” 😂 . Find your why before reaching out to her for coaching but she is very experienced in wholesaling and everything she told me worked so I recommend her any day of the week, month, year etc. it doesn’t matter she will get it done for you if you take action. Don’t worry it’s worth your money the question is how bad you want to get out of the rat race and build a financial Legacy!!! I highly recommend her!

Patrick Fulmore

Jennifer is an amazing mentor. She genuinely wants to see you succeed, and is she there holding you accountable every step of the way. If you are willing to put in the work, she is ready and willing to support you! If you are newbie she is no doubt one to know. An investment in her program is definitely money well spent!

Chaunta McCollins

Jen is absolutely amazing. I first found Jen from watching her videos and was completely drawn. I decided to do a 6-week training course with her.

I picked up a lot of tools on mindset which immediately impacted me personally and professionally. In addition, she's extremely knowledgeable in her craft which makes the investment all worthwhile.

On a personal level, she's a very sincere person and has genuine interest on seeing me succeed which I'm greatly appreciative for. I felt completely inspired and motivated from each session and look to continue to apply all the tools I've learned through my real estate journey. Thank you Jen for all you've done.

Alain Moise

Jennifer is an Amazing teacher, mentor and coach. She is very organized and really gives you the one on one attention to help you succeed. If you're looking to start doing real estate and/or you want to grow as a person in general. Give Jennifer a try, you won't regret it!

Real estate wholesaling courses in New York.<br/>
Aretha Hutchinson

Jennifer is a great coach! I looked into a few other mentoring programs to help get my real estate business off the ground and she was the only one that was flexible enough to work with me in my current financial situation. I'm very glad I decided to join her program and I am 110% sure that she is going to help me reach my business goals!

Justin Rashad Sylvia

With one phone call she gets to the point and is in tune with personal development. Her mind is clear and she has a desire to see others succeed. True act of selflessness💯

Phillip Boyd

Amazing person and coach. Has the best mentality in the business if you want to succeed and keep your mind and thoughts in a place of receiving. Believing in yourself and creating your deals and watching them come to past. You won't be disapointed!!! #Bestcoachever #Motivator #Greatvibes #Successful

Ivan Knight.png
Ivan Knight

Absolutely ove jennifer west granahan as my coach!! My partner and I started doing wholeselling and thanks to jennifer's coaching. We locked down our first deal this month! So grateful and we look forward extending our coaching 6 more months with you.

Kiara Lopez

After researching creative real estate locally and clicking through numerous guru videos on YouTube, I found Jennifer. By the second or third video, I knew I needed her authentic perspective and fire in my process. Anyone can give you the steps to find and close deals, but are they accessible and make you feel like friend? Network – Networth

You cannot reach your potential without a mentor, reflection, gratitude and massive/consistent action. Jennifer really stresses the importance of all in everything that she does and you can hear in her passion that she actually lives it day in and day out. She and I agree that there has been no better time in history to create your own path to financial freedom, given the technology and resources we have been blessed with. I now wakeup with a reward sense of purpose and fire because of her guidance and what is possible.

I would recommend Jennifer a thousand times over because I know her ability to encourage through FEAR, and help you get to that next level. The only thing that holds us back from accomplishing our goals, to live our dreams in fear. Jenn undoubtedly provides the tools to plant the seeds for development and success, the rest is on us to water for growth. THNK YOU JWG!

Don Spur Sibley

Jennifer is one of my favorite and best mentos/coach for when I first got started with rea; estate. She hand held and spoon fed me without a problem until I fully understood. I wouldn’t be where I am now or gotten deals under contract if it wasn’t for her transferring her knowledge. I appreciate her so much. #PositiveVibwes Only

Ubong Akpan

Jennifer Grahanan is by far the best mentor that I’ve dealt with! She touches on the key aspects of wholesaling real estate as well as the mindset training! She definitely goes the extra mile with her teachings making sure that we thoroughly grasp every aspect. 10/10 experience!

kenny yung sirc burns.jpg
Kenny Yung Sirc Burns

Jenn is far more concerned with ppls success in this life as her own success, Jenn shares her knowledge & if we take action, we win the good that life has to offer. Her sincerest approach has inspired me to stick in the area of wholesaling.

Greg Kelly

Jennifer is the real deal. No bs and experienced as well as actively working which make all the difference in a mentor. She helps you stay accountable. Looking forward to more training with her.

Kay Katch

Hey Jennifer! Its Cordero, I don’t know if you remember me but I am a student of yours. I wanted to reach out to you to let you know I’m doing well in real estate, thanks to YOU!! I want to thank you for all the help you gave me. I’m in real estate full time now. I wholesale, I did 20 deals last year I’ve closed 3 deals this year (had a dry start) and have 3 more closing scheduled for the next 2 weeks. 1 of which my team is looking to acquire and flip! I hope you’re doing well as always. I pray that your energy is always aligned with your goals. You’ve put so much positive energy out there, I’m just grateful to have experienced it. Thank you Jennifer!


Jenn I just closed on my first Co-wholesale deal for a $4200 profit margin. I want to thank you so much for all your help you’re a blessing

Giovannie Rivera

I finally got my FIRST DEAL. The seller was playing tug of war but finally agreed and the buyer signed now it’s off the title company it goes


Hello thanks so much for the 2 sites you gave me. They helped me find a owner who had multiple properties. I found a cash buyer and closed my FIRST deal in 6DAYS. I’ll have my check Friday.


I’m sorry to bother you with another update but I just accepted a sight unseen offer on the property I was gonna show tomorrow! Set to be $5k assignment!


Hey Jen I did it I closed my first deal. And a made a 10k profit. Here the numbers ARV 120K repairs 14k I sold for 55k had under contract for 45k. I had to take a major step back. I had major resistances hold me bac. I had to get my mind together in the best way. I surrendered every fear fear of what next fear of what if all that I had to let go. This deal went so smooth even after paper work was signed I was still in doubt. But once it went through, I knew I wasn’t being crazy about the signs the universe. I’ve been seeing 911 alot which means the end of an old cycle and it begins a new one. Thank you for everything


Just got our first contract!!! Excited thank you for your advice! I watch you on daily


If it wasn’t for you to share your market strategies and dropping the nugget to have access to the MLS, I would have still been trying to find my way. I have a system in place that works for me. This is so key. To be honest, I was trying to do business like everybody else. But it wasn’t all me. While I am not focusing on wholesaling, your mentor program put me on the pathway to SO MUCH FREAKING KNOWLEDGE, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will eventually be able to close those deals with me having my very own MLS access and I must say my $4,607 closing check was pretty danggone good for my first


I got my deal!! Contract signed by buyer!! I wrote it down in my journal and I believe everything is possible! I know more is coming! I’m grateful!!


Happy New Year Mama!!!

FYI my deal finally closed today lol can u believe it… lol


I am creating good health, wealth and mental strength! Thanks to your wise words, and inspiring me to start a gratitude journal. I gained the mental strength to quit my 9-5 and I’m now receiving more money I did as an employee. Thank you Jennifer


Love this!!! You’re videos have helped me tremendously. About to close my 2nd deal and going on month #2

Daniela Muhammad

Jen is such an amazing and tell it like it is mentor! From day one she told me that I she only deals with action takers. I learned so much just from the short 4 weeks I was her student. Not knowing anything about whole selling or real estate in general she broke everything down to me and made it easy to understand. And the most impactful part about having her as a mentor was the personal development piece. The only word that comes to mind is phenomenal. I told her one of my goals was to work on my personal development and she hit it on the spot with recommendations, personal experiences and more! If you have not tried out her course please do! She is so dope, funny, down to earth and such a great spirit!

Thank you Jen for jump starting me on my real estate journey!


He jenn! I’m doing well. I’ve contracted 2 Homes. One in Ringwood nj and another in Passaic. I wasn’t able to get the duplex in Irvington nj under contract but still working on finding a buyer with another wholesaler and I’ll be getting an assignment fee instead.


Jennifer gave me power and she spoke life into me every step of the way. Of course she gave me plenty of tools to get to the next deal and understand the wholesaling business more, but she also helped me realize that everything I needed I already had inside me. You can find this information anywhere on the internet. However, I went with Jennifer because her energy attracted me to her and I believe no other coach would give this type of attention to your spiritual development. After completing her program I feel like I can run the country, let alone a real estate investing business. I recommend Jennifer highly!! Im sending everyone my energy, and i know its all going to work out for the best. Get rid of all your doubt, put action behind your faith, don't wonder any longer if you'll be successful or what life will be like when your dreams come true. Make sure anyone you have around you can give the type of wisdom and development that Jennifer can and step into your destiny. Big thank you Jennifer, from Cordero Martin!

Fromjune Tillnow

Great mentor, excellent coach and a wonderful friend. I’ve learned so much over the past four weeks about wholesailing and the real estate industry. I recommend her program to anyone who wants to get into real estate. Thanks again!

Flagan Humes

Hey Jennifer, hope all is well. I just wanted to stop by and tell you i found my first deal just a couple of weeks after listening to you. We're finally closing Monday. I will be making a $5,000 profit. I also have some other things in the works. Thank you so much for caring about helping others to succeed. I believe God will return the blessings right back to you many times over. Again, thanks so so so much!! Be blessed!!!

Derrick Richardson

I am absolutely happy with the consultation this morning. I’ve taken classes on wholesaling, paid a lot more money, yet didn’t get nearly the amount of info from them as I got from you.

You are definitely the real deal unlike the others who charge an arm and a leg for partial information. I’m excited and will definitely join your mentorship program. Give me 3 weeks to get everything in order and start the program. Gain Thank you!!!

India D

Jennifer was an exceptional teacher, not only was she professional but she was personable. I felt really comfortable talking with her every week and I enjoyed our conversations. She helped elevate our business and our personal outlook. The four weeks went by so fast; I wish we had more time!

Tee Jordan

Hi Jennifer,

Just checking in to let you know that they closed on the property yesterday. I got a call from the closing attorney asking how I’ll like to get my check. I’d been visualizing that call for months.

I’m super excited. I walked in, said who I was and they went to the back and got my check and handed it to me. It was amazing. I know I could’ve had it wired, but it was the best feeling walking in there and getting the check and walking out. I was on top of the world.

Thank you so much for ALL of your guidance and help. I’m getting leads on facebook and from the bandit signs I put out. The bandit signs weren’t an avenue I was very keen to pursue, as you will remember. I sincerely appreciate the way you worked with me to give it a shot.

I am including a picture of my first check. Thank you for breaking everything down and making it super easy for me to just implement.


Hey Jen I did it I closed my first deal.

And a made a 10k profit. Here are the numbers ARV 120k repairs 14k I sold for 55k had under contract for 45k. I Had to take a major step back. I had major resistances hold be bac. I surrendered every fear fear of what net fear of what if all that I had to let go. This deal went so smooth even after paper work was signed I was still in doubt. But once it went through I knew I wasn’t being crazy about the signs the universe. I’ve been seeing 911 a lot which means the end of an old cycle and it begins a new one. Heck my check was even delivered at 911 am lol. Thank you for everything.


Hey thank you so much for the 2 sites you gave me. They helped me find owners who had multiple properties. I found a cash buyer and closed my FIRST deal in 6DAYS. I'll have my check Friday.


Thanks Jenn!! You sure can post it, I don’t mind. Just black out the address and routing number. I can’t thank you enough for helping me start my real estate investing career. I’m still practicing what you taught me and I’m applying massive action. Right now, I’m currently working on 3 Deals. Again, I thank you, and hopefully when I come up north next month, we can do lunch. On me…


Hi Jennifer

Now I have 3 contracts.

Looking for cash buyers to manifest their interest God bless you Jennifer


Hi Jennifer,

Everything is good, thanks for asking. The closing attorney says we’re set to close this Friday. I’ll send a picture of the check when I get it. I’m excited.


I’m excited to tell you that I closed on a seller finance 4 plex yesterday, and I’m closing on a duplex in less than a month! I haven’t forgotten about posting about your help on FB and such, I’m waiting to tell the world how with your coaching and mentorship that I have closed 2 personal deals in a month’s time!! I’m so excited, thanks for your guidance

The seller accepted my first offer!!!!! I was actually visualizing this!!! I have 3 buyers for this area that I can send to.. Send me positive energy please!!!!!

Contracts signed!!!!!! I’m so excited and scared at the same time! I have 3 other leads that I am following up with today. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone…I’m forever grateful!

Good Morning Jennifer. I got my first house under contract yay. I have been zoned in all I could hear is that song from Rocky in my head lately.

Jen the deal is done 11k in the bank. Thanks so much but send me ur price for ur long term coaching but man Jen it has been a journey and it’s real finally. I’m soooooo happy

Jen, I am set to close Friday and will make 16k!!!!! It feels real, but doesn’t if that makes sense…. Thk u for pushing me out of my comfort zone!!!! Forever grateful!!!!

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer,

I finally CLOSED my first deal!!!

1st deal fell through, 2nd deal, I am still working on, 3rd deal owners changed their minds about selling, but I kept pushing and pushing… I have another deal closing this coming Wednesday.

I was determined not to contact you until I CLOSED a deal.

See Attachment…

I want now to set up a half hour session with you, we are going to take mu Business to the next level. Thanks for your help of getting me on the right track…
















































Hey Jennifer, Things are going well. I went down to the title company and picked up my first check on June 8th! I made $10,000. I haven’t really changed anything regarding my business model since we last spoke


Hey Jennifer! I just wanted to share that I am set to close my first deal in 2 weeks! I just wanted to thank you for your help and share that the Journaling and change of mindset is what really helped me, so thank you! Oh yeah, the fee is 18k!!! Thank you so much!!! Grateful

Thank you so much! I have one closing next Tuesday as well as another one that I’ll be accepting an offer on tomorrow after I quick showing! So much of my success has happened right after listening to your podcast with Brain and implementing what you said. Thank you for everything you continue to do

Good morning I have my second deal in progress right now suppose to close tomorrow. Both my deal have been from the same seller God is good.

Hey Jennifer been following you since 18’ my girl and I closed our first deal and we definitely remember being motivated by you thanks for giving the game away. 22 and 21 year olds stay blessed

Hey Jennifer how are you? Watched a few of your vides on youtube which I love queen! Very inspiring and motivating. I got my first contract yesterday! Which I’m excited about, wanted to ask you, do you market to buyers straight away even before you get your pictures of the property?

Hey Jenn!!! I closed on my first deal last month!! I assigned the property at $20,000 and sold it to my buyer for $27,000.

Hi Jennifer, Now I have 3 contracts. Looking for cash buyers to manifest their interest. God bless you Jennifer.

I’m so nervous I want to close this deal today. I did it!!! I made 2k my first deal. This isn’t real.

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